Ensure Rapid Hydration Powder Strawberry Chill Powder 17 g Powder Packs

Natural flavor with other natural flavor. One liter of reconstituted Ensure Rapid Hydration Powder (about two 17g packets) provides: sodium, 60 mEq; potassium, 20 mEq; chloride, 50 mEq. Halal. No. 1 doctor recommended brand. Prebiotics to support digestive health. Electrolytes for hydration. Ensure Rapid Hydration is formulated to help relieve occasional dehydration due to: inadequate fluid intake; vomiting & diarrhea; heat exposure; travel. Electrolyte sodium in Ensure Rapid Hydration compared to common beverages. Electrolytes help the cells of your body maintain proper hydration. Nutrition information sourced from USDA National Nutrient Database. http://ndb.nal.usda.gov. Designed for Rapid Effective Rehydration. ensure.com. Call 1-800-986-8727; Visit ensure.com for more information.