Stok Coffee, Cold Brew, Black, Chocolate

Bold & smooth. Approximately 95 mg caffeine per 8 oz serving. Natural flavor. Low & slow. 10-hr brew. Geeked out and caffeinated. That's us. We're coffee nerds and proud of it. We get all fired up on method and process. And even though ifs not rocket science, there's enough experimentation behind our cold brew to drive normal people crazy. Because that's how we like it. For us, good enough is never good enough. Were always curious about doing things better and endlessly patient when it comes to doing things right. Better is always out there, waiting to be created. We're on it. Stokabulary: Maillard Reaction: (n) The chemical process that causes coffee beans to become more flavorful when roasted. Commonly called browning. Brewed low & slow. More Beans: We brew our Arabica-based blend using a higher ratio of coffee beans to water than typical hot brewing. Time & Patience, Not Heat: Hot brewing forces the flavor from the bean. But cold brew takes its sweet time. So we steep for at least 10 hours at lower temperatures to bring out every drop of smooth, bold, one-of-a-kind Stokness. Great Coffee Speaks for Itself: We've got nothing against little sweetness or flavor. But when you taste Stok, you taste coffee. Really amazing coffee. And that's on purpose.