Nestle Nesquik Chocolate

Nestle® Nesquik® Chocolate. No artificial flavors. No artificial colors. The taste you love! 19 Servings. Per 2 tbsp: 50 Calories. 0g Sat fat, 0% DV. 35mg Sodium, 1% DV. 11g Sugars. Vitamin C, 15% DV. Iron, 15% DV. Net Wt 9.3 oz (266 g). Nestle®. Good Food, Good Life®. We listened to you and removed artificial flavors and colors while maintaining the delicious taste your family loves. Our signature chocolate taste comes from sustainably harvested cocoa beans. Good question: Has Nesquik® made changes to its recipe Good to know: Yes! We have 45% less sugar* and no artificial sweeteners! Thoughtful portion™: 1. Pour 1 cup milk, cold or hot (protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D) + 2. Add 2 tbsp Nesquik® powder (vitamin B1, vitamin C, iron & zinc) = 3. Stir & enjoy! (Protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin B1, vitamin C, iron & zinc). Consider limiting weekly intake to three to five 1-cup (8-fluid ounce) servings. Nutritional compass®. 99.9% Caffeine free. *45% Less sugar than the leading syrup brand†. †11g vs. 10g Sugar/svg. This product contains 23g sugar when mixed with 1 cup low fat milk. Please recycle. All trademarks are owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A., Vevey, Switzerland. Good to connect: Call/text: 1-800-637-8536. Visit: