Celestial Seasonings® Chamomile, Lemon Zinger®, Peppermint, Honey Vanilla Chamomile & Sleepytime® Herbal Tea Sampler Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Bag Variety Pack 18 ct Box

Gluten free. Caffeine free. Blendmaster's Notes: With five favorites in one box, our Herbal Tea Sampler has the perfect cup all day long. Wake up with a tangy Zinger blend, find afternoon comfort in Chamomile or Peppermint, and wind down with soothing Sleepytime tea. Find rejuvenation and calm when you need them most. Charlie Baden. Celestial Seasonings Blendmaster. It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds. - Aesop. Blended with care from seed to sip: Responsible Sourcing: We purchase most of our ingredients directly from the farming communities that grow them. Quality Ingredients: We blend our teas from the finest ingredients, with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. www.celestialseasonings.com. We know you'll love this tea! Tell us what you think: 1-800-351 -8175; www.celestialseasonings.com. Please use this number in all correspondence related to this product. Learn more at celestialseasonings.com/csr. Sustainable Packaging: We use tea bags without strings, tags or staples, keeping tons of material out of landfills every year. Printed on 100% recycled paperboard (35% post-consumer content). Blended in Boulder, CO.