Metromint Water Beverage Peppermint Flavored

Metromint® Peppermint Flavored Water Beverage. Real mint. Unsweetened. No calories. All natural refreshment in every sip. Sensational taste. Savor Metromint. Let each sip gently tickle your tongue and open your senses. Our "mintyest" variety, Metromint Peppermint Water is infused with real mint for a vibrant and bold taste. An innovative process combines mint grown in Washington's Yakima Valley with purified water. The result is an all natural treat you can share with your entire family. No sweeteners. No preservatives. No calories. All natural refreshment in every sip. Why pet It's 100% recyclable, consumes less energy to ship and produce compared to glass, and doesn't leach. Water purified by reverse osmosis. For water quality and information (including a bottled water report) contact Soma Beverage Company 415-979-0781