Just For Men Control GX Shampoo, Grey Reducing

With hemp oil & arginine. Triple patented formula. For strong, healthy-looking hair. Gradually reduced grey. Subtle, natural-looking results. Gently clean & revitalises hair. For any shade of hair (Best for all shades from light brown to black hair. Results may vary on naturally blond and red hair, or hair that has been previously coloured. Do not use on hair that has been lightened, bleached, highlighted or coloured blond or with henna). Breakthrough triple-patented formula. Reduces grey a little bit with each shampoo. Natural - looking best results. Cleans and revitalises hair. Gently and thoroughly cleans hair. Increases volume for a thicker, fuller look. First shampoo with a brain. justformen.com. ControlGX.com. how2recycle.info. Visit ControlGX.com for more information. Made and printed in USA of US and imported parts.