FRISKIES Party Mix Cat Treats, Fish, All Stages

Offer your cat flavors from the high seas with Purina Friskies Party Mix Treasure Crunch adult cat treats. Real ocean whitefish is the No. 1 ingredient in every crunchy bite, along with a medley of salmon, shrimp and tuna flavors to delight her taste buds. The genuine seafood blend piques your cat's curiosity with an exciting bounty of tastes, while the appealing shapes spark her sense of play, so you both have fun when you open the pouch. Each treat contains less than 2 calories, offering a guilt-free way to delight her palate while you spend quality time together. Your cat is a free spirit who seeks adventure, even on the most ordinary of days. Hoist the sail and set a course for uncharted flavor with these yummy cat treats. She gets sensational taste straight from the sea, and you get the satisfaction of serving a complete and balanced treat to your furry companion.