Muse by Purina Creatables Cat Food, Tuna, Wet, Adult

Personalize your cat's meals with Muse Creatables Crunchy Bites, Simply Sauces and Tender Filets. Mix all three Creatables components to make a complete and balanced meal, or add any one to your cat's current wet or dry food. Mix and Match to create endless mealtime combinations by blending Creatables together or adding to your cat's everyday meals. Muse Creatables Tender Filets Natural Flaked Tuna can be served as a standalone Treat, as a Topper, or it can be combined with Creatables Simply Sauces and Crunchy Bites to deliver an irresistible array of entrees. Each serving features hand-filleted tuna as the No. 1 ingredient and is 100% natural for a wholesome way to make mealtime more exciting. This grain-free and gluten-free cat complement contains no corn, wheat or soy and no fillers or poultry by-product meals, so you know she's only getting high-quality ingredients in every bowlful. She's sure to love the delicious taste found in every morsel, and a tender texture adds to her overall dining experience. Do something special for your feline friend and customize her mealtime experience.