Muse by Purina In Broth Cat Food, Chicken, Wet, Adult

Serve up a delicious dish of Muse by Purina Natural Chicken With Anchovies Recipe Plus Essential Nutrients adult wet cat food, and give your feline friend a meal that's inspired by cats just like her. This delicious entree features natural, purposefully selected ingredients, including real hand-filleted chicken as the No. 1 ingredient. It's a natural cat food plus essential nutrients you and your cat can both appreciate, and every serving is free from fillers and chicken by-product meal. She gets wholesome goodness along with the delectable flavor combination of chicken and anchovies, giving her a reason to prance to her dish at mealtime. She's sure to love the tender texture and the savory broth that delivers added flavor and moisture to every cat-worthy nibble. Rest easy knowing she's getting a meal made without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and listen as she purrs with approval every time you tear open a pouch.