ALPO Prime Cuts Dog Food, Beef, Wet, Adult

Dazzle your dog's taste buds with Purina ALPO Prime Cuts Beef, Bacon & Cheese in Gravy wet dog food. Real beef, along with bacon and cheese, make this recipe an irresistible meal option. Tender chunks of meaty goodness deliver a drool-worthy texture to every bite, and a rich, savory gravy invites your dog to lick his bowl clean after every feeding. Pop open a can and watch as he comes running in anticipation of the deliciousness he's about to receive, and rest easy knowing he's getting a meal made with high-quality sources of protein. With 23 essential vitamins and minerals in every serving to support his overall health and wellness, this wet dog food offers something that makes you both feel good. Add this Purina ALPO Prime Cuts dog food to your dog's daily feeding routine to give him steakhouse-inspired yum that satisfies his meaty cravings.