ALPO Prime Cuts Dog Food, Beef, Wet, Adult

Cater to your dog's cravings for steak deliciousness when you serve Purina ALPO Prime Cuts London Grill wet dog food. Tender, meaty chunks of real beef give this recipe its hearty, bold flavor, and a savory, mouthwatering gravy is sure to have your dog licking his chops with excitement. Each serving contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog's overall health and wellness, along with high-quality protein sources. With a delicious taste and good-for-him ingredients, this premium wet dog food lets you feel good about what you put in his bowl every day. Pop open a can at mealtime and watch your canine companion come running to you in anticipation of a scrumptious meal. With 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs in every serving and tempting flavors, this Purina ALPO Prime Cuts recipe offers something you can both love.