The Pioneer Woman Dog Treats, Bacon, All Stages

Open a pouch of The Pioneer Woman Bacon, Maple & Apple Recipe Waffles Natural adult dog treats and watch your dog's excitement as he gets his first taste of these hearty, wholesome treats. These treats made with real bacon burst with a rich, meaty flavor that truly satisfies his cravings for real meat. Each of these flavorful waffles is crafted from a unique recipe inspired by The Pioneer Woman herself to deliver a home-style taste. Real apples lend a fruity twist, while maple syrup creates a taste your dog will love. These simple, natural ingredients come together to create a premium, crunchy dog treat that you can feel great about - and one that your pet can look forward to at snack time. The carefully baked bacon dog treats deliver a big, exciting crunch, making them the perfect treat to shower your four-legged family member with love and affection.