Milk Boy Dark Chocol

60% cocoa with essential pine tree oil. Milkboy Swiss Chocolate: Every spring, processions of local dairy farmers and their cattle leave villages at the foot of the Swiss mountains to climb to the lush alpine pastureland that will be their home in the months ahead. Their departure is marked by festivities as the villagers give husbands, fathers and brothers a rousing send-off. The young boys and girls wear local costume and accompany the procession as it leaves the village. Some of the boys are dressed as herdsmen and carry carved milk pails, like the boy of the MilkBoy logo. Once on the alps, the cows eat their fill of juicy green grass until the onset of autumn, when the farmers descend to their villages and their return is celebrated by great festivities. The pine tree oil extract in this dark chocolate bar will give you a taste of those pristine alpine surroundings. Combined with finest-quality cocoa beans from some of the world's best and most sustainable sources, it is what makes MilkBoy dark chocolate so exceptional. The wrapper unique to MilkBoy chocolate was commissioned exclusively from an artist specializing in the traditional craft of papercut silhouettes, and depicts elements typical of the Swiss countryside, particularly in those areas where the local farmers take their cattle to the mountains. FSC: Mix - From responsible sources. UTZ Certified Cocoa: By buying UTZ certified cocoa, MilkBoy Chocolate supports sustainable cocoa farming. Made in Switzerland.