Hannaford Apples, Granny Smith

Per 1 Medium Apple (182 g): 100 calories; 4 g fiber (18% DV). Guiding Stars: This easy navigation system helps you find foods throughout the store that give you the most nutrition for the calories. If you see Guiding Stars, this item's nutritional value is: One star, good. Two stars, better. Three stars, best. Crisp & tart. Good Idea! Apple Stackers: Slice an apple evenly and spread peanut butter between the slices for a fun and delicious packable snack! Coated with food grade vegetable and/or shellac based wax resin to maintain freshness. Double money back guarantee. 2-1/2 min dia or 100 grams meets or exceeds US extra fancy. www.hannaford.com. For product questions or concerns, contact us at 1-800-213-9040. www.hannaford.com. Guiding Stars: 3. Product of Chile.